Mobile Dialogue Factor

The unique benefits of utilizing the Mobile Marketing practices have captured the attention of companies throughout the global business community. The need to communicate with the audience in an interactive and personalized way can most effectively be achieved by the mobile medium.

Mobile Dialogue, a premium Mobile Marketing add-on tool, once appropriately applied to any consumer channel, can achieve a remarkable boost to revenue generation and customer satisfaction.

But how is Mobile Dialogue utilized in practice?

The process of converting the basic communication practices used in Marketing and relevant fields into the Mobile Dialogue unique experience, is initiated by behavioral and response Profiling, using data mining techniques.

Each market segment and each consumer separately is then communicated based on their unique individual characteristics, thus being perceived by the audience as a real-time, intriguing, humanized dialogue.

Hence, Mobile Dialogue is a delicate practice that requires exceptional handling techniques and expertise, as it incorporates the vital aspect of converting limited character message texting into a personalized human-like dialogue, where voice tonality, personal and cultural perceptions play a crucial role in the interpretation of the messages by the target audience.

C/dialogues specializes in managing the Mobile Dialogue process in a manner which exceeds the business standards by

  • embracing the latest benchmarking processes
  • fully utilizing its unique professional expertise and experience in Mobile Marketing, while incorporating the latest development in Statistics, Marketing-psychology and Linguistics
  • utilizing an exceptional sophisticated platform designed to extract the most vital demographic information so as a person-to-person dialogue can be generated in a most convincing format
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