C/profiler platform

Mobile Marketing practices are commonly delivered by a conventional technical platform, which constitutes one of the primary aspects of typical service delivery. However, the ability to incorporate the Mobile Dialogue add-on tool into the conventional Mobile Marketing practices requires technological infrastructure that exceeds the standard technical interactive know-how which is currently commonly used by VAS Providers.

The effective application of the Mobile Dialogue factor necessitates that advanced knowledge of Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, consumer Psychology and Linguistics is appropriately incorporated as algorithmic formats into multiple core software modules of the platform. This optimized system consists the unified core engine of the Interactive C/profiler Suite which guarantees almost real-time response times.

We have thus created the highly sophisticated and very intelligently adaptive C/profiler Suite capable of reaching millions of consumers globally in a highly personalized way. Our primary focus is to constantly design and develop innovative technological tools so as to continuously advance C/profiler’s attributes and exceed industry conventional practices. Customization and refinement in consumer interactive experience never rest, as it is a continuous process achieved by the combination of outstanding technical platform evolution and unique scientific practices enrichment.

Data Collection constitutes one of our core services, thus our “Artificial Intelligence Mechanism”, which is the core engine of the C/profiler Suite, is designed to constantly educate itself and dynamically tailor its responses accordingly in terms of segmentation, contact frequency & intensity, linguistics and numerous others. AI Mechanism identifies every single minor or major consumer pattern by continuously collecting demographic characteristics and profile attributes for each consumer segment and individual separately, which are then grouped into demographic clusters. It is thus providing a holistic, valuable and meaningful subscriber profiling database, from which essential conclusions can be drawn.

Our technical team utilizes its highly-professional standards, expertise and long experience for designing, constant updating and maintaining the quality of our advanced C/profiler Suite. Adaptation, speed, top technological quality, effectiveness and efficiency are guaranteed even for the most demanding Promos.

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