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FMCGs and Media Companies’ adoption of Branded SMS Promotions lies on capturing the unique competitive proposition of consumer rewarding through the convenience of their favorite medium, the Mobile. Loyal consumers have the opportunity to engage in an exciting rewarding experience, while new customers are triggered to increase market share due to the remarkable results of word of mouth and optimum media coverage.

It is really an unrivaled opportunity for Brands and Media to utilize the mobile medium capabilities so as to increase revenues and embrace an unparalleled personalized Dialogue with their consumers.

The Mechanism

Consumers are triggered to participate in the Branded SMS Promotion by a TV/Radio/Banner ad or on-pack ad, so as to win supreme Prizes. Each SMS they send to a (premium or standard minimum fee) designated short code (blank SMS or containing a keyword or on-pack code) offers them a certain amount of points.

The objective is to receive as many points as possible so as to increase their chances for the draws or for any other alternative winning format. Offering quality mobile content to everyone who participates is an effective tool of increasing consumer rewarding.

The Branded SMS Promotion Potential

C/dialogues is the most reliable partner for Brands and Media who wish to employ the opportunity of including Branded SMS Promotions in their Marketing plans.

We guarantee to design and manage a customized promotion based on each Brand’s unique requirements, specifications and needs.

At a generic aspect, Branded SMS Promotions are beneficial to Brands and Media as they:

  • increase market share/significantly contribute to the projected annual marketing revenues
  • are cost-effective as mobile technology reduces the costs of traditional rewarding tools
  • enhance brand awareness through its mass exposure
  • engage existing audience to a differentiating rewarding opportunity

C/dialogues Branded SMS Promotions bring additional set of benefits to Brands and Media:

  • ensure long-term revenues by applying selected recurring activities
  • drive record-level mass recruitment by utilizing our expertise
  • fully benefit from our media and marketing experience to support the media campaign
  • build advanced and highly-targeted demographics by employing our highly sophisticated platform

So just imagine the results that a C/dialogues Branded SMS Promotion can offer to global Brands and Media.

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